TFoL – Chapter 2: The Father of Light Arrives in Eorzea

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Though my dad is over 60 years old, he’s a huge gamer.

And he was getting a PS4 from my mom for his birthday.

When I visited home before Obon, my dad talked about how he was playing “Thief” and had cleared Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes…

This made me even more determined to give my dad a present of a copy of FFXIV and 3 months worth of time cards.

And get myself in on the recruitment bonuses too lol

The other day, I came home for Obon break.


On my way home, I stopped at Nihonbashi and picked up a copy of FFXIV.

And with that, “The Father of Light” would be born…

My 60+ year old dad, The Father of Light, would be called upon by Minfilia…

My 60+ year old dad, The Father of Light, would go sliding from Titan’s landslides…

I started to daydream about it all on the train ride home.

When I got home, we headed out to eat. It had been a while since I last saw them, so we had an easy night out.

After that… I would set into motion “The Father of Light Project”.


The Father of Light Project…

The plan to get my gamer of a 60+ year old father to start playing FFXIV, and to play alongside him hiding my identity.

We would adventure alongside one-another, even facing Twintania together as friends. While in actuality I was his son all along, and would reveal it in the perfect dramatic display of family love.

20140817124503944Though I say that, my relationship with my family is pretty good. But, at the same time, it’s not really spectacular. I don’t hate my father or anything, but because he was so busy with work when I was a kid, I never really connected with him. Thinking on it, we honestly didn’t talk very much at all.

Once I grew up, we both were busy and had even less time to spend together. Years passed without us even saying a word to one another.

But. We both love video games. Even if we can’t see each other in person, online games allow us to talk with one another almost any time… That was the idea behind “The Father of Light Project”.


I hurried to install FFXIV onto his brand new PS4. During this time, I explained to him what kind of game it was.

This is probably the most we’ve talked in a while lol

My dad was totally clueless about online games. I began to explain it all in extreme detail… I’ve just got to get him a little bit interested…!

“Hrm… this all seems a bit hard to process…” He said to my carefully planned explanations.

I’ve got a job in business; I figured I’d have this part in the bag…

I finished my explanation.

“…So if I get this right, this is a game where the characters I pass by are actually someone in the real world?”

It seems like he got it…

Then, my dad let out a surprising response.

“That’s… kinda embarrassing…”

Wha?! Really?!

My dad is really shy… lol


Finally the install finished, and it was time to update…


I… I had forgotten… the internet at my house… was ADSL

There was a giant estimated time remaining on the screen…

I want to get started right away… but… this connection… this, terribly slow analog connection…

It was already getting late, so we decided to sleep.


By tomorrow, the update had finished, so he finally got to start playing.

Since I figured making his first character would be hard, I decided to have him tell me what to select for him.

First, the race selection…

The human-like Hyur, the tall elf-like Elezen, the strong and buff Roegadyn, the tiny Lalafell.

Which would he choose?

“Why are Lalafell so small?”

I have no clue. I… I can’t explain that at all… It’s just the way it is…

In the end, he settled on a male Midlander Hyur.

He then decided to start as an archer. DPS are the easiest to start as, so I was relieved.


Now it was time for the name…

When I had helped him make a character in Monster Hunter, he let out the name of a girlfriend he once had before he dated my mother…

What would he say this time…?

“What do you want for a name? Not your real name though.”

So he thought…


Moments later…


“How about… Inoue.”


Wha? Who??

Hold up, hold up! This is supposed to be the name of the Warrior of Light that’ll save the realm! Is a boring name like that really okay?! Inoue?!

It’s just… too normal! Inoue… the heck!


Inoue‘s still in there…


He’s going to make it! I know he is!


Look into the Light, my child. If thou wouldst see Inoue returned safe to thee, reach out to him now.

Reach out… Reach out…




It’s him! I feel his presence!


He’s saved Eorzea, you know. Twice.

The true Inoue!










Welcome home, Inoue.


Isn’t that just a bit weird?!

“No good?”

It… It’s not that it’s not good… It’s just… not really an awe inspiring name…

“I think it’d be better if their name was more like a movie’s protagonist’s. They’re gonna save the world and all…”

“I see…”

In the end, he decided on a name fitting an invincible movie lead.


The Father of Light safely arrived in Gridania as a beginner archer.

And on Gungnir server too.


I got up for a bit to see what would happen. When I came back, I found my dad dutifully following the “!” marks and doing quests killing ladybugs.

He may be over 60, but he’s still a gamer after all.

It would seem things were moving forward.

Alright… time to start Phase 2.

Next step, encounter him by chance and become his friend.


I would watch him carefully as he would make his way to Sashtasha. Then, with the help of my FC, we would help him through his first dungeon…

In this great big world called Eorzea… right now… my father was beginning his life changing journey…

To Be Continued


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