The Father of Light Table of Contents [Translation]

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“The Father of Light Project…”

That was what I called my plan to get my 60+ year old dad to play FFXIV and secretly befriend him in-game. We would adventure together before finally, when the time was right, I would reveal that I was in fact his own son.

Translators Note: This is a series of screencap blog entries about the author, Maidy, and his “Father of Light” plan. These entries were written from August 2014 to April 2016. All formatting is a near-copy from the original entries, and images are included (some have been altered with translations).


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Father of Light

  • The beginning of the plan!!

Chapter 2: The Father of Light Arrives in Eorzea

  • The Father of Light creates his character in Eorzea

Chapter 3: The Father of Light Runs Full Force

  • Maidy and The Father of Light meet

Chapter 4: The Father of Light Cannot Look Back

  • Deploy the Lalafells!

Chapter 5: The Father of Light Disappears

  • Was the plan discovered?!

Chapter 6: The Father of Light Plan Continues Anew (Part 1)

  • The Father of Light arrives in Coerthas

Chapter 7: The Father of Light Plan Continues Anew (Part 2)

  • People with orange names…

Chapter 8: The Father of Light; Former Hunter (Sidestory)

  • Father of Light Sidestory

Chapter 9: The Father of Light Expresses His True Feelings

  • Maidy and the Father of Light’s true feelings

Chapter 10: The Father of Light’s First Words

  • The Father of Light gets a keyboard!

Chapter 11: The Father of Light Tackles Sashtasha

  • The Father of Light’s first challenge

Chapter 12: The Father of Light’s Sudden Transformation

  • The Father of Light conquers Sashtasha!

Chapter 13: The Father of Light Encounters Something Important

  • The Father of Light comes face to face with Ifrit

Chapter 14: The Father of Light’s Dash Through Eorzea

  • The Father of Light quickly grows

Chapter 15: The Father of Light is a Warrior of Light

  • The Father of Light VS Primal Titan!!

Chapter 15.5: The Father of Light has an Accident in Coerthas

  • Something happens to The Father of Light in Coerthas?!

Chapter 16: The Father of Light Returns to Coerthas

  • The Father of Light stands before the frightful boss of Stone Vigil; Isgebind!

Chapter 17: The Father of Light is Tested

  • The Father of Light faces Garuda

Chapter 18: The Father of Light is Tired from His Journey

  • The Father of Light takes up fishing

Chapter 19: The Father of Light Talks During Dinner

  • During dinner, talk of Eorzea comes up from the Father of Light

Chapter 20: The Father of Light Saves Eorzea from Certain Danger

  • The Father of Light enters the final main story dungeon!

Chapter 21: The Father of Light Hits Level 50

  • The Father of Light has completed the final dungeon, continued the MSQ, and comes face to face with Leviathan

Chapter 22: The Father of Light’s Decision (Part 1)

  • The Father of Light begins the “Relic” quest line…

Chapter 23: The Father of Light’s Decision (Part 2)

  • The Father of Light tackles Titan (Hard) and is warned about Coils

Chapter 24: The Father of Light Aims to Enter Coils

  • The Father of Light comes to Maidy for advice on entering Coils.

Chapter 24.5: The Father of Light’s Party for Coils

  • The 7 Warriors of Light that will join The Father of Light in Coils

Chapter 25: The Father of Light Enters Bahamut’s Coil

  • The group begins their assault on Coils. The first barrier; the security system.

Chapter 26: The Father of Light Carries a Slime

  • The group continues through T1 and faces the snake boss. Will The Father of Light clear T1?!

Chapter 27: The Father of Light Conquers the Allagan Rot

  • The Father of Light encounters the mysterious “Allagan Rot”, and the team grows stronger.

Chapter 28: The Father of Light Breaks in T3

  • The mystery continues in T3…

Chapter 29: The Father of Light Fails to Understand Science and Magic

  • The Father of Light learns of the power behind Bard’s music

Chapter 30: The Father of Light Crosses the Final Hurdle

  • Finally, The Father of Light enters T5 and their final fight begins…

Final Chapter: The Father of Light is…

  • Having finally cleared Coils, Maidy feels the time is right to reveal his true identity to The Father of Light…


  • Final words about the series

12 thoughts on “The Father of Light Table of Contents [Translation]

  1. Just a fix, “Coil” when referring to the raid series is singular, as in “The Binding Coil of Bahamut”, as per official nomenclature used by Square-Enix.


    1. Oops! I went to check it when I first wrote the posts but my eyes must have added the second N that wasn’t there xD

      As for the “Coil” vs “Coils” thing, I’m a bit uncertain if I should change it. Officially, yes it’s “Coil”, but these are blog entries which use common player terminology as well and from players I always hear “Coils” (This is also why I use the abbreviations like T# which are absolutely unofficial). I’ll give it some thought.


  2. Thank you so much for doing this! I’ve been dying to read the blog since I first heard about it. Your translations are excellent!


  3. Thank you for this! I really hope you find the time to translate the rest of the blog. This is such a heartwarming story. Came here because of the tv adaption, which I thought was really cute, isn’t it so nice what the son did for to reconnect with his father? so lovely it was based on an actual true story. This has put a smile on my face.


  4. Hi! Just hit 15.5 …. You are awesome for continually working on this! I was legit inspired by the netflix adaptation, and wanted to read the original blog post. Thank you so much!


  5. I just finished the Dad of Light tv series and went on a Google frenzy to find the “true story” source material- these translations of Maidy’s blog posts are wonderful, thoughtful, exquisite, etc etc etc. Thank you so much for your hard work and research into providing the best translated experience.

    Keep it up! I’m so excited for the next “chapter”~


  6. Hey there, accidently found your translation for Maidy’s Father of Light project, I’m watching the series (it’s kinda embarrassing to tell but I haven’t watch it all because lack of free time XD) and kinda curious the original blog entry (already know the series is from this Maidy’s blog before even watching btw XD)

    My Japanese isn’t really good, very bad to be honest, so I’m really happy see someone translated his blog ^^
    Will you continued the translation? I’ll wait it even if it take long time ^^
    Thank you ^^


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