TFoL – Chapter 3: The Father of Light Runs Full Force

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“Hey… I’m going out to pick up a game…”

When I was in elementary school, my dad would out of nowhere announce that.

When I was little, during summer break I’d be so bored that I would lay on the floor staring straight at the ceiling while spinning myself using just my feet.

Though my dad would never see that, he said he’d buy me games irregardless of if it was my birthday or Christmas or anything else..

The best was yet to come. During a long break, we bought a Famicom.

Thinking back on it, that was probably my first encounter with video games.

If I never had that experience, I probably would have just continued staring at the ceiling spinning myself, and I would have never even started this daily blog…


The Father of Light Project.

That was what I called my plan to get my 60+ year old dad to play FFXIV and become his friend while hiding my identity.

We would adventure together until finally, when the moment was right, I would reveal my identity in a dramatic display of family love.

During Obon break, I helped him install the game and create a character on Gungnir server.

The Father of Light’s journey has finally begun.

Making sure he understood what to do, I left my parent’s house.

Alright… first step, complete.

Next up, hide my identity and become friends with my father as he continues to play.


After returning home, I got on and fished for silver soverign while searching up my dad’s character name.

While he didn’t log in for a while, I imagined what might happen when he finally did.

I was dead set on meeting my dad’s character.

The next day… the search finally got a hit!

He logged in!!


Looks like he’s in the Black Shroud…

He’s probably trying hard to level up!

But… if I just go up to him straight away like this, it’ll probably be obvious that I’m his son… So instead I would have members of my FC Giovinezza talk to him first, and then introduce me as a friend of theirs.

I told my friends in an LS where my dad was.

Central Shroud (23,16) The Father of Light

He’s already trying to tackle some hunt monsters…


I know that his level is still pretty low. If one of those notorious monsters pops in the Central Shroud, it’s only a matter of time until he gets spotted…

Hey… Dad…

You’re really showing those monsters what-for huh…

Though you’re level 6, you’re showing those level 1 ladybugs no mercy…

Just watching this… moved me a bit.


My dad headed back to Gridania. I guess to turn in a quest?

He didn’t even notice me…

Hey… Dad… Your son’s standing right here…

I shouldn’t be in such a hurry to talk to him though.

Soon enough, Liri and Ikuro came running.

But we had to wait for the right moment.

“When he dies you could use that chance to revive him and talk to him…” Liri said.

“I guess PKing is the way to go…” I said.

That’s just awful, awful, awful. No way. He’d get so mad.

The Father of Light hurried to Bentbranch.


He stood by the aetheryte unmoving before eventually, an AFK chair appeared by his name.

Ah right, now would be about dinner time at home…

After dinner, he would watch a bit of TV on his sofa, then take a bath, and then return to his room.

So his character will just stand there…

It was around now my FC members started logging in one after another.


So many of them came to see The Father of Light.

I figured it best to send Aru-chan to befriend him first, as she was our most friendly member.

But his AFK chair didn’t disappear…
The plan was for Aru-chan to start talking and eventually everyone would appear and we’d all become friends right then and there…!

It’d be perfect!

The weather changed to rain and we continued to wait…

However… after a bit longer… while he still had his AFK chair…


He logged out.

Ah… bath time.

Oh well. The search team split up and went to do their own things for now.


I went back to fishing for silver sovereign now that the search had suddenly ended.

This is a bit of a pain…

Just when I was about to go get something to eat, Ikuro messaged me.

“Your dad is online.”

Aha! After his bath he decided to log on for a bit before bed, right?!

I won’t let my chance to become friends slip by again!


We headed to Central Shroud and searched for the Father of Light.

This time… for sure!

But… he wasn’t where he was before!

Where’d he go?!

He’s level… 6! He can’t have gone far!!

I found him nearby Bentbranch!

He started off killing microchu, which were around his level, moving to the east bit by bit…



My level 6 dad started attacking a level 9 anole…!!

Oh no! Ooooh no!!

When I was in the beta test, I was fighting microchu that were the same level as me and slowly ended up close to the anoles so I thought I could beat them so I attacked them…

But… they slaughtered me!!

He’s doing exactly what I did!!!

Those anoles are gonna murder the Father of Light…!!

When I told Liri what was happening, she suggested changing to a healer and helping him.

But… I don’t know… if I’ll make it in time…


Dad… died!!

It’s not like he literally died… it’s just his character that’s dead… but… but it’s like I’ve been hit by a truck…


“Hey… I’m going out to pick up a game…”



Aurgh, fuck it!






Shoot… I pushed a button.

My fingers just… hit the button on their own…

Well… this is not really how I planned this…

But I guess, this is it now..


I figured my dad would come back here.

This is it… this is the moment…

I’ve got to talk to him… and we’ll become friends…

I couldn’t help but go for the straight-out-of-a-TV-show style line…


“Are you okay?”

My heart was pounding…

I was nervous beyond imagination…

I double and triple checked I put it in say chat… he had to have seen it…

After quadruple checking it was for sure in say chat, my dad started spinning around me.

He kept spinning and…

The Father of Light…




… ran away.

The hell.

Were you even listening Dad?

After that, Liri came to see.

We looked in the direction he ran.

And there he was, engaging with more anoles…


I thought to try to talk to him again…

But he just kept running.

He’s probably super scared.


“What’s wrong?”

“He ran away…”


I guess I didn’t think about it… Everyone said that if they were in his situation, they’d immediately think to run away.

I guess they’re right…

So I decided to just randomly shoot him a friend request.


The next day, I looked at my friend list and found he had accepted it.

Well… whatever the reason… that makes friending him complete I guess…

But I don’t think this really counts…

The Father of Light hit level 8.

If I kept reaching out to him as Maidy, the possibility of me being found out as being his son was high…

So I hatched a plan… I would play as a fellow newbie alongside him and connect with him.


I’m counting on you, Icchon!

“Nice to meetcha! I’m Icchon!”

For the sake of catching my Father of Light who keeps running away… I’d swap to an alt and interact with him.

I hope we can connect better this way…

To Be Continued


  • Giovinezza is the real name of Maidy’s FC on Gungnir. For the record, they are not looking for new members

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