TFoL – Chapter 4: The Father of Light Cannot Look Back


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When I was really little my dad would say “Let’s go to the theme park on Sunday!”

Of course that would get me super hyped up. I was a little kid after all.

But… Sunday morning would come, and my dad wouldn’t want to get up.

“What about the park?” I’d say. “When I wake up…” He’d reply, continuing to lie under his futon.

Slowly but surely, night would creep closer and soon enough it’d be obvious we weren’t going.

“Daddy, you’re a big fat liar!” I’d shout and cry like I was some character in a drama.

Even though I probably expected it, every week the same thing would happen.

Our weekend family activity was always just getting dinner at the super market.

I can clearly remember the look of boredom my dad had on his face him when he helped my mom with shopping those days.


The Father of Light Project.

The plan to get my gamer of a 60+ year old father to start playing FFXIV, and to play alongside him hiding my identity.

We would adventure together until one day I would reveal my identity as his son.

I finally interacted with the Father of Light in-game.

However, befriending him was a bit of a tough task. Finding that perfect moment proved difficult.

It ended up being the moment where the Father of Light was outmatched by an anole.

Without thinking about it, I used shoulder tackle and we interacted for the first time.

I asked him “Are you okay?”

But… even though he had heard me… he ran away.


I didn’t know what to do next.

I shot him a random friend request, and while he had accepted it, I felt like I had shown my face too much too early.

From now on, my dad would see my character’s name show up in orange…

When I asked my FC what to do, they suggested stepping back a bit and not chatting with him since he might just run away again.

What other angle could I take to connect with him…


And that was what lead me to the “Deploy the Lalafells Plan”.

I would strike not as a Miqo’te, and not as Maidy, but as a Lalafell.

If I was a tiny little Lalafell, maybe he would let his guard down…


“Deploy the Lalafells Plan” was to go as follows:

Wave 1: Interact with dad while playing a Lalafell.

Wave 2: Since he might run away if talked to, just look at him.

Wave 3: Utilizing the cute Lalafellin charm, follow him.

Wave 4: When he finally gives in to the Lalafellin cuteness and stops to look, strike.


Wave 5.

“I’m Icchon the Lalafell! Nice to meetcha, lala~♪

You might think the little “lala~♪” at the end is absolutely useless, but you’d be completely wrong.

 You see, he’d never think his own son with a proper job and responsibilities would play such a small, cute character and saying stuff like “lala~♪” in front of people. Absolutely no way.

So, if I did, all suspicion would wash away. There would be no way that he’d think I was his son.

Hey dad, remember that thing you asked before?

“Why are Lalafell so small?”

It’s because it’s cute… So cute…

I just want you all to know I love this shot lmao

Cute enough to get close to you.

This time for sure we’ll be friends!

Mission start! Player search!

Oho, he’s here in New Gridania!

If he’s not by the aetheryte, he’s probably by the archer’s guild.


Zzt! This is Icchon. Target spotted at the archer’s guild. Proceeding to wave 2. Over.

Zzt! Copy. Be careful out there. Over.

By now I’ve got following him down pat. He should easily notice me.

Alright dad… feast your eyes on this!

The Lalafellin charm!

This… This is something only a Lalafell can do!


Baby-doll eyes!

I had decided to make Icchon a rather plain-looking Lalafell. She was not a doll-like one with blonde hair, but one that embodied the Showa era.

It had to be super effective…


Hey, you ignoring me?

You really gonna ignore me?

What the…

Do you just not care about me at all?


Daaaaaddy! Come ooon… there’s a widdle Lalafell wight here~!

Wook over heeeere~!


He really didn’t seem to care…

Can he not see me?

I tried jumping a bit…

Aurgh!! He’s still so friggin’ blind!


Yeah… He’s… always been like this…

I should probably tell him straight like I did back then, all like “I wanna go to the park! You promised!!”

If I don’t tell him he won’t understand. In that moment, he headed off somewhere.


I wanted him to see me as a good kid, so I had given up on making him understand me.

If you had said we’d go to the super market together that’d be fine. Anywhere was fine.

Notice me. See me. I’d never been able to tell him these feelings I had.

The heck was I even thinking with this Deploy the Lalafells plan?!

If I don’t speak my mind, he won’t get it!!

If I don’t say anything, he won’t even turn to look at me!


But what should I say?

…What would be the right thing to say…?


Play with me!

Just that.

Something simple like that is easy to understand.

Beating around the bush is stupid!







……. He logged off.





“What’s wrong?!”

“He logged out…”



Why isn’t my dad saying anything…

I’m trying to talk to him… Is he just scared to talk…?

Why won’t he answer me…?



“Hey, your dad plays on PS4, yeah? Does he have a keyboard?” Rucochy asked.




“That’s why you idiot!!!”



Next week, I would have a chance to visit my parents’ again.

Then I’ll ask him how FF’s going, broach the topic of chatting in-game, and suggest he get a keyboard. This world’s charm is the fact you can talk and interact with so many people. I would then try to talk to him in-game again.

The Father of Light was now level 8.

I’ve gotta hurry!

To Be Continued


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