TFoL – Chapter 5: The Father of Light Disappears


[Original Blog Post]

The Father of Light Project.

That was what I called my plan to get my 60+ year old dad to play FFXIV and become his friend while hiding my identity.

We would adventure together until finally, when the moment was right, I would reveal my identity in a dramatic display of family love.

I have tried many different ways of talking with the Father of Light.

However, we didn’t seem to connect at all, making moving onto phase 3 of my plan; “become friends”, difficult.

I had been made plainly aware that the Father of Light did not have a keyboard to use with his PS4.


I’m a moron.

I had bought him the game and time cards, but had completely forgotten about a keyboard…

If he just had a keyboard…

When the Playstation first came out, it was a huge hit. Watching those polygons move… it was so addicting…

And then the Playstation 2 came out… and the gaming world changed…

The gaming industry continued to grow and change. Soon enough the PS3 came out… and then the PS4…

The Playstation 4 came out…


I had thought that despite not having a keyboard it would have something or other good to type in chat with since it’s current gen…

He really needs a keyboard… He’d finally be able to make friends if he just had a keyboard.

I’ve got to get him to buy one asap.


It’s been a few days since the “Deploy the Lalafells Plan”… and the Father of Light seems to have disappeared from Eorzea…

The last time I checked was three days ago and he was in North Shroud and level 9.

Level 9…


Oh…! Maybe that…!

If he’s just been advancing the main story, he’s probably too low of a level to advance!

He’s probably gone off and started doing side quests to level up more!

In the midst of all that… He’s lost sight of the main point! Dad!!

He’s made his first stumble into Eorzea…

He’s fallen flat on his face! Dad!!


Hold up, my dad’s not some idiot.

He can use the internet, so I’m sure he probably just searched up some help online.

Any gamer can do that after all.


Wait… first… stumble…




click clack click clack…











He’s gonna find out!

This is bad… That post I wrote to help out newbies…

It’s gonna bite me in the ass!

My parents might not have an actual computer in their house, but searching up stuff on your phone is so common place now…


He’s probably already looked things up…!

Have I been found out?! Have I?!?!

I… I’ve got to find out!


I’m going…





The Father of Light… might have realized who exactly “Maidy” is!!

Activate the emergency phase!


The Emergency Phase of The Father of Light Plan…

If something came up during the plan… something in the real world… I had planned to activate this phase…

I was going to visit home soon anyway so the timing is good… I’ve got to intervene!

I have to ask the Father of Light about FFXIV… find out what he’s been up to in-game and what he thinks!


And find out… if the Father of Light… knows who exactly his son is!!


I won’t know… until I go home!

To Be Continued


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