TFoL: Some thoughts on the book


So for those that might not know, The Father of Light (also known as “Daddy of Light” SERIOUSLY WHY THIS OFFICIAL ENG TITLE) got an official published version, which included some additional content not included in the blog entries. While my translations will be based on the blog entries and not the book, I did want to touch upon some difference the book has a bit in a little post. So here it is.


So, first off, the book features a condensed chapter count. The blog entries lasted 31 chapters, while the book has merely 12 (plus a prologue and afterward). The prologue is entirely new and covers some basics of FFXIV for those who might not have played the game before as well as setting the general stage for the events that follow.

The first chapter’s beginning is rather different as well, clearly rewritten and edited quite a bit. In the blog entries, we didn’t find out about the dog walking thing until chapter 6, where-as in the book it’s mentioned right off the bat in the first chapter.


Quite a few screencaps have been added or changed (some screencaps are very clearly from later due to glamour equips being used by characters in the images), one of the earliest being the scene involving the name “Inoue” in the first chapter (It no longer includes screencaps from the legacy player version of the ARR ending). Furthermore, The Father of Light is referred to by his in-game name throughout the book (Indy Jones). While writing the blog entries, it was live and the plan unfinished, so Maidy omitted his father’s character’s name to hopefully deter people from spoiling the surprise to him in tells. Obviously such precautions are no longer necessary, so the book uses the name “Indy” for his father.


Generally speaking though, the book has a few portions rewritten and edited, but the bulk of the content is the same. It’s in full color too, to preserve the screencaps, which is really something. It’s a pretty thick book, coming in at almost 300 pages (though much of that can be contributed to the large amount of images).

I’ll likely take the time to read through the book version from cover to cover, though I’ll be taking my time. I may compile some of the extra bits from the book into a translation post at some point, but for now I’ll just focus on the blog entries to get the entire story finished.

Anyway, the drama version will begin airing tonight and will be on Japanese Netflix starting this Thursday, so I can’t wait to see how it goes!


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