TFoL – Chapter 7: The Father of Light Plan Continues Anew (Part 2)


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The Coerthas region… a place that was nothing but grassy plains as far as the eye could see…

Just wide, grassy plains with a light, refreshing breeze.

On the horizon, you could see Ishgard’s fortress. Despite the calming sights, there also were places here that would make your heart race.


The wind lightly tickled the blades of grass…

But the notorious monster known as Downy Dustan lurked.

It was from this popular NM that the fashionable woolen billaud gear dropped.

It was calm.

That large area… that was Coerthas.


However the Legatus of Garlemand’s VIIth legion, Nael van Darnus, also known as The White Raven, posed a threat with their “Project Meteor”. He threatened wiping out Eorzea by bringing down the moon Dalamud.


However, there were those that stood against Nael. The adventurers that would later be known as The Warriors of Light.

These adventurers came from various Grand Companies and brought Nael van Darnus to an end.


However, Dalamud did not halt its fall. With the help of Archon Louisiox, the adventurer’s prepared to take extreme measures; calling upon The Twelve.


With Dalamud looming above, adventurers all over prayed for a miracle.

They fought the Garleans off to secure the location for the calling of The Twelve; the Carteneau Flats.


The Battle of Carteneau was fierce and tension loomed.

However… Dalamud drew ever closer…


From Dalamud erupted the primal known as Bahamut.

Dalamud was, in fact, only a containment unit for the primal Bahamut.


The previously slumbering Bahamut tore through the summon Louisiox had created…

And the world… was ravaged.


This event was later called the Seventh Umbral Calamity.


Since then… five years have passed.

Those adventurers had been flung five years into the future by Louisiox’ magic, to live in the world alongside new adventurers.

However… the Eorzea those adventurers knew was different from the Eorzea that they had arrived in. The after-effects of The Calamity would on occasion bring about a twinge of sadness.


Coerthas Central Highlands.

It was here that the most noticeable change had happened.

Gone were the serene sights and the refreshing breeze.

Now, Coerthas was an area stuck in a perpetual cold and covered in snow.

If only we had realized the truth about the meteor sooner…

If only we had more strength then… Maybe the Seventh Umbral Calamity wouldn’t have happened…

Maybe… we could have saved that calm, serene Coerthas…


A Coerthas where… where short sleeves could be worn too…

Yeah… that’s what Maidy would be thinking.


The Father of Light Project.

That was what I called my plan to get my 60+ year old dad to play FFXIV and become his friend while hiding my identity.

We would adventure together until finally, when the moment was right, I would reveal my identity in a dramatic display of family love.

Hilariously, my dad had wandered his way all the way to Coerthas in his attempt to level.

My dad found himself beneath the gray skies and falling snow.

All around him, people had coats on for the weather… but he was wearing short sleeves!

Thoroughly embarrassed, the Father of Light was on the verge of quitting!

However, I visited home and would save him from the brink of death by teaching him how to change clothes!


Completely forgetting about walking the dog, the two of us headed to my dad’s room.

We immediately turned on the PS4 and booted up FFXIV.

As soon as it loaded we were greeted by a silvery landscape… It really was Coerthas…

First… we’ve gotta go back… From Coerthas to Gridania. And then I’ll show him how to change clothes.

My dad moved the analog stick and moved his character.

“It’s is really okay to warp back…?” He asked.

Warp… he must mean teleport. I decided to not bother correcting him.
He’d probably start to question things if I told him too many specific game terms.

“Warping is nice… but it costs money…”

“Who am I even paying?”

Yoshida. Dad, you’re just automatically paying Yoshida. It’s fine, it’s Yoshida after all. You can trust him.

Without really answering, I told him how to open the teleport menu.

My dad’s teleport window opened.

New Gridania
Central Shroud: Bentbranch Meadows
Coerthas Central Highlands: Camp Dragonhead

I wanted to cry a bit. He really did it… he really traveled all the way to Dragonhead…

A legendary mercenary… Sneaking past all of his enemies without being seen. He’d probably be great in Frontlines…


My dad teleported from Coerthas and arrived at Bentbranch.

His face showed his relief upon seeing the familiar sights.


Anyway, today’s main goal was to give a lecture on changing gear.

Since I played on the PC version, my controls were a bit different, so it took a bit of time to help him.

I looked at the quest my dad had set aside, the one about changing gear.

The one that started his wandering from Bentbranch.

I think now… would be a good time to ask about that other thing.


“Have you been able to make friends dad?”

I knew the answer was no; I had been watching over him all this time.

This question was just for show. We hadn’t had a chance to really become friends yet, but I wanted to hear if maybe he had noticed us trying to help him.

“Not yet lmao”

Thought so. He can’t even chat yet. I knew before he even answered.

But this was all set up for my next question, so it would seem more natural.

“But, like, haven’t some people around you seen your little sprout icon and wanted to help you out? lol”

Alright. Nice and natural. Nothing fishy here.

I briefly wondered what scene he’d recall…


The Miqo’te that shoulder tackled her way in to save him…


The cute little Lalafell that followed him around…

I wonder what was running through my father’s head in that moment…

I expected to hear about how he was so scared he ran away… heheh

But… his answer caught me off guard.


“No, not really.”










Whoa whoa hold it hold it! lmao

You were wandering around! Right in front of me!! lmao


“Really? No one?”

My mouth opened before I could stop myself! Maybe he just didn’t remember anyone at that moment… lol

But I shouldn’t keep asking… it’d seem fishy… but still… I wanna know…

“No one, yeah…”

His answer remained unchanged.


But there had to be…! There totally was!! When you were down on your luck, someone came by and…!

Were you not paying attention at all?!

“Not even anyone who came to save you from trouble?!”

Shit!! I’m an idiot!! If I keep this up, there’s no way he won’t figure it out!

He’s gonna be all “Why did you want to show me how to change clothes?”!

I don’t… have anything to fix this!! I’ve worked so hard for this to not seem suspicious!

But! But!! I’ve gone and screwedd up so hard he’s gonna figure it out any second!!

But… This…!

“You two, stop messing with that game and take a bath!!”


The bell! That’s the bell!

That… was close… If mom hadn’t called for bath time, I would have been toast.

If things had kept going the way they were going, my whole plan would have been shot… Mom… good job. Today you really saved my butt.

I suggested for my dad to go bathe first.

Above anything else, waiting to take a bath is mom’s biggest pet peeve.


My dad said as he headed to take a bath.


I’ve got to think rationally about this…

This is my dad’s first ever online game.

He’s probably been thinking this is like any other game he’s played; like an offline game.

Meaning… He probably can’t tell the difference between player characters and NPCs…

Other player’s actions likely looked like just a pre-programmed part of the game to him…!

…In other words, my biggest worry, that I was interacting too much, was totally not an issue!

I had already shot a friend request at him and got accepted… I’d have an orange name…

I had thought this would backfire on me… but I can actually use this!

This is all I’ve got! Activate the plan!

While my dad was in the bath… this was my big chance!!


“Assemble! Giovinezza FC members!”

Everyone to Bentbranch!

Send the Father of Light a friend request!!


Aru-chan, Rekuno-chan, Feeneh-chan, Liri-chan, Tama-chan… They came out of the woodwork to friend the Father of Light.

Finally, my dad came back from his bath.

I turned to him and said…

“Dad, looks like someone named Gyou asked to be friends. Wanna add them?”


My dad replied as he dried his hair with his towel. It was a half-hearted reply, but good enough.

And… accepted.


His adventure began once more…

My dad headed towards North Shroud… He eventually arrived at Fallgourd Float.

Of course you’d go there lol… For your quests… lol


Fallgourd… This was where the entrance to the most recent section of The Binding Coil of Bahamut was…

Yes… My FC members were bound to be here to mount their own attack on Bahamut…

Amidst the crowd… there were names that stood out… orange-colored names.

People that you have on your friends list have their names display in orange so that you can find them in a crowd.

And this is where I give advice…


Hey dad… there’s some people that have orange names here aren’t there?

These people are really friendly to newbies like you dad.

While you’re adventuring, those people with orange names will definitely lend you a hand!

These orange-named people will help newbies… Don’t ask question, I just know!

“I see… so people with orange names are good people…”


As you adventure more, you can always ask people with orange names for help.

An orange name is a symbol of friendliness.

They could be your strength… Don’t ask questions, I just know!!

He seemed to understand what the orange names meant. I also explained to him how to use emotes at this time.

And with that, my dad had figured out how to express his gratitude.

Right away, he gave a /bow to Tama-chan in Fallgourd.



Until my dad can chat, I think this’ll work fine.

First he needs to understand the use of emotes to convey his feelings.

While he wanders Eorzea… he might run into me… if he greets me with an emote… the next time I come home I’ll give him a keyboard.

Just emotes can create a connection between people…

Yeah… Like Rosco Man…

How to fight better… What leves are… How to advance the story… all of that… I would explain the next time I’d visit.

Before I would leave, I had one more piece of advice to give.


As my father advances through the MSQ… He’ll eventually end up going to Sastasha

At that time, he should come back to Bentbranch and sit down on this bench and wait.

And then…

He should take three people with orange names to go with him to Sastasha.

…Don’t ask questions, I just know!




With that, I left my parents’ house.

After all of this, the emergency phase was complete.

Until my dad could chat, he could bring back his motivation and use emotes to express his feelings to others.


The Father of Light was already nearly level 15…

It was almost time for his very first dungeon… It was drawing ever closer…

To Be Continued


  • Rosco Man is a player that Maidy encountered during the beta testing of 1.0, who had suddenly sent a party invite and they worked together to complete his first quest. Despite the language barrier, they communicated thanks to emotes as Rosco Man spoke primarily in English, which Maidy could only loosely comprehend. The blog entry about him can be found <here> Sadly, it would appear Rosco Man has either name changed or deleted his character completely

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