TFoL – Chapter 8: The Father of Light, Former Hunter


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Pain + Having to get up at 5am = Go to sleep early

Evening everyone, Maidy here.

Lately I’ve been busy with work and think I might have had a bit of a cold, so I was in rest mode this week.

This weekend, I’ll work a bit on ECO Krazy Kuji, and I’d like to work more on The Father of Light…


I know you’ve all be waiting for how The Father of Light series has been progressing in-game.

I’ve been wondering when I should release the next chapter, and just how I want to write it all.

I’ve been updating a bit through twitter about the progress of The Father of Light Project, so when I write a post I want to make it more detailed.

I think some people are really curious if this “Father of Light Project” is really a documentary and want proof for it lol


To be honest, this actually isn’t the first time my dad’s come up on this blog.

He was in a post waaaay back in 2009, five years ago!

It’s been a while since even I looked at this post. It surprised me a bit to see just how much my dad hasn’t changed since then.

I’ve gotta get my butt to bed, so for now I’ll just link that old entry.

Here it is, The Father of Light: Prototype Edition!

→A Treasure at Home?!←

Goodnight everyone!


  • Eco Krazy Kuji is another blog series that Maidy writes, about things in Emil Chronicles Online
  • Sadly, I’m not going to take the time to translate the full blog entry from 2009, but this is the story where, when making a MonHun character, his dad said to name the girl “Keiko” after a girlfriend before he dated Maidy’s mother (prompting a “EXCUSE ME, WHO?!” from Maidy’s mother)

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