TFoL – Chapter 9: The Father of Light Expresses His True Feelings


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“You can’t come.”

This is a story from before I was in kindergarten.
Everyone in my neighborhood was older than me.

I didn’t have many friends my age, so I always played with these boys older than me.
One of them told me I looked really happy playing with them.

“There’s another park on the other side of the bridge.”

They’d bring over these weird, dirt balls that had some coating on them from that park.

I wanted to go and see right away, but they would never take me there.

It was because my bike still had training wheels on it. They told me that as long as my bike had training wheels, I wasn’t able to go.

Younger me thought that they must just find me a nuisance, so they came up with that reason.
I was terrified of riding my bike without training wheels… so I just wanted to give up.

I told my dad while he removed my training wheels. He turned to me and said…

“If you won’t ride it without training wheels, we’ll just give it to your brother.”

I just… wanted some encouragement dad…


The Father of Light Project.

That was what I called my plan to get my 60+ year old dad to play FFXIV and become his friend while hiding my identity.

We would adventure together until finally, when the moment was right, I would reveal my identity in a dramatic display of family love.

Finally, my dad was getting used to Eorzea now that he could change his gear.
However, so far I haven’t really been able to have the chance to get closer to him.

In order to turn things around, I had my FC members friend request the Father of Light.

I then explained to my dad that he shouldn’t be afraid of people with orange names; that they were friendly people.

Days passed… until finally I spotted the Father of Light online.


Sprout icon spotted in the Black Shroud…!

What job are they?

Archer!! Coordinates… Central Shroud (21, 21)!!

Near Bentbranch!!

Target in sight! Sprout icon clearly visible!

What color is their name?!




Ah… Is that… The Father of Light…


…In long sleeves!?!?!

He remembered! He remembered how to change clothes!

And an eyepatch huh? He looks kinda cool lol

I had also taught him how to use emotes… while he can’t chat yet, he cause still use emotes to express himself in-game.

He has to have noticed that my name is in orange…

Alrighty… what’ll he do if I get closer…!

He… didn’t seem to have any reaction…

Does he not see me?


I decided to follow my dad.

He’s got this look of a gung-ho newbie with that gear.

I kept a close eye on him in battle to make sure he wouldn’t end up in major trouble.


I’ll do whatever I can to help!

I’ll do whatever I can for him to notice me!

I kept on going and going until…

Finally… my dad stopped.


He’s… looking at me!

Finally…! He finally noticed that I’m here!

It’s taken so long… just to get to this point… so much work to get here…

But this moment… with my dad looking at me… With my dad noticing me…

Okay! Just a bit more dad! Target me and…

Use an emote!! Express your feelings to me!
That’s… That’s how a relationship can start!!


Dad… do you remember that day… the day I asked you to take my training wheels off…?

You told me that sometimes you have to suck it up and do what you have to do.

You taught the young, spoiled me to just get it done.

You told me not to run away… to always move forward…

When I felt like running away instead of facing my problems and finding another way…


That was something you taught me…


Right… Da







He just left ^^

He just up and teleported away.

Did he already forget how to use emotes?

He totally saw me…


Later, after I had headed back to what I was doing, I got a message.


“Wha?! For real?!”

Upon teleporting into Gridania, The Father of Light ran into Liri.

He’s added her to his friends list, so when he saw her he greeted her with a bow!

He… He did it!

Then why did he run away from me?!

Soon after, The Father of Light logged out.

The other day I logged in around lunchtime to take some screencaps.

At that time, the Father of Light logged in as well.

Huh… he logs in during the day too…

I headed over to Bentbranch.


Moments after he saw me…

He ran away!!

Again huh… This time I asked Ashe to go and follow him.

I decided that this time, I want to be in AF gear when I save him.

But before that could even happen… something surprising occurred.

When I was finally able to catch up with him without him running away…

I noticed something…




Why are you in short sleeves again?!

It’s a mystery…


Hm… Maybe…

Maybe he doesn’t like yellow…?

When you start off in FFXIV, the gear you get is nothing short of a fashion disaster.

You can’t change how it looks let alone what color it is.


The only stuff he’d have to wear would be the gear given out by quests. Not to mention most of them are dyed embarrassingly plain colors.

While playing, he’s probably thinking like “ugh I don’t wanna wear these, they’re ugly.”

Conversely, the starter gear has a nice design and a good white base color going on.

I’d be willing to bet that with a female character next to him…

My dad would feel super embarrassed wearing those ugly clothes.

So he teleported away, changed clothes, and headed back out.

And now, my dad scooted closer to me…

I know, I know…


You’re gonna use an emote, right?



The Father of Light stopped in front of me, got on his knee, lowered his back and…







In front of Maidy was the Father of Light, kneeling, likely apologizing for ignoring her the other day.

He looks just like some proper English gentleman… rather refined.


Here, on Eorzean soil, father and son met.

In the world of this online game… we could learn to understand one-another.

Though right now we’re not so much father and son, but friends.

Father of Light… from now on I’ll lend you my strength and help you stand up when you fall down.

This time, it’s my turn to teach.

Even in this world, you should never run away and always move forward.

And eventually, the moment will come where I’ll tell him everything.

That the friend he played with all this time was actually his son.


I’m happy you could express your gratitude and use an emote dad but you can stop now.


I understand, I really do lol

You can stop now, really lmao

You only gotta do it once…






The Father of Light (Character Name) kneels before the delivery moogle.

The Father of Light (Character Name) kneels before the delivery moogle.

The Father of Light (Character Name) kneels before the delivery moogle.

The Father of Light (Character Name) kneels before the delivery moogle.


Like a physics problem


I’ve become a point of a love triangle

According to my ultra excellent girl’s intuition computer

I’ve got a 50-50 chance~♪


I just…


I just burst into song!
I started singing the Tokimeki Tonight opening…!
I startled even myself!


Thanks to emotes, we were able to form a party with the Father of Light to help him out.

Though… it was just fighting some monsters in the overworld areas, with Oshe healing him through the hits.


After a bit, the Father of Light gave us a /goodbye and logged out.

He’s gotten the hang of using emotes to express himself…

I think we can finally really become friends.


Next up, keyboard… and really interacting with him.

This hasn’t been perfect, but the plan is moving forward…


Of course I was scared riding a bike without training wheels.

But that day… my dad helped me practice.

He’d hold onto the back of the bike, running along with me peddling…

I did my very best.

I’d made it so far… but wasn’t that just because my dad was here?

I couldn’t help but wonder.

But at that moment… I realized… my dad had let go of the bike…

He was just standing watch… smiling.

Before I knew it, I started to slip. But my dad came to catch me.

I realized… I had come that far by myself… all by myself.

I could ride my bike without training wheels.

I wonder… just when will I have to “let go” of my father’s adventuring?

When that time comes… I want to be standing watch, smiling.

To Be Continued.


  • These “dirt balls” are “dorodango” that kids might make while playing (literally balls of dirt or sand)
  • Here’s the opening Maidy is referencing from the 1980s anime Tokimeki Tonight: [YouTube Video]

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