TFoL – Chapter 10: The Father of Light’s First Words


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I started this in September.

The other day, I called home. Not about the Father of Light plan or anything, mind you.
My mom picked up the phone, and we just chatted a bit.

When it seemed we were done talking, my mom suddenly added…

“Your dad wants to talk, hold on…”

Huh… That’s the first time this has ever happened… Wonder what he’d say…

My mom passed the phone over to my dad, who already sounded extremely excited.

“I made a friend!!”

Oho lol I see lol I told you the people with orange names were friendly after all.

“Oh? What else?”

I really did want to hear more, but I didn’t want to jump at him about it… Don’t wanna seem TOO excited.

Suddenly… my dad’s voice sounded depressed…


“But… I kinda… left them… behind…”






Are you… talking about when you teleported away to Limsa in front of me?!

You did that on accident?!


The Father of Light Project.

That was what I called my plan to get my 60+ year old dad to play FFXIV and become his friend while hiding my identity.

We would adventure together until finally, when the moment was right, I would reveal my identity in a dramatic display of family love.

I told my dad, who had been running away from other players, that those with orange names were friendly people. With this information in hand, the Father of Light did things alongside my FC members.

Here, in this world called Eorzea, Maidy interacted with the Father of Light.

But… a new worry began to bud in the Father of Light’s mind…



One of the main points of an online game. Unlike single player games, in the world of an online game you can fight together with other, real, people.

By making friends, one would end up playing for an extremely long time.

On the flip side, if one didn’t really make any friends, their motivation would dwindle.

 You might log in one day, and become overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness…

So someone who was clueless about being on the net…

Like… The Father of Light…

*This is supposed to be a reference to Glass Mask, but it ended up looking like the subterranean people from Ultraman episode 22. I’m so sorry.

I’ve… I’ve got to hurry and get my dad a keyboard… stat!!

I can’t just ignore the stress he’s likely feeling due to not being able to communicate…!

I’ve got to move things forward!!

I checked my schedule and found that in three days I would be able to take a trip to my parents’ house.

“I’ll come over in a few days and take a look,” I promised him.

And with that, we hung up.



The next day…

I headed to an electronics store to pick up a keyboard.

Which USB keyboard would be best though…? And it’s gotta be one that can work with a PS4…

I’m… gonna have to ask for help…

It’s been a while, but… I’m going… to have to ask… her…

One-Click Kill Screenshot Diary’s… Master of PCs…

Miss Computer Wizard!!!



I just want to make this quick and painless… No extra stuff.

Since I just wanted to go in, pick up a keyboard, and get out, I headed to my usual electronics store.



“Oh my gosh, if it isn’t □□□□!!”







Shit, that was close. I almost did another two-parter.

We chatted about some stuff, but it’d be way too tl;dr so I’m just gonna cut it all out…


The point is, I got my hands on a keyboard.

Thanks to Miss Computer Wizard’s suggestions, I was able to get a keyboard for just 850 yen, though I was still rather worried.

I hoped it would work okay for the game.

And then came the day I headed home.

The first thing I did upon arriving home was hiding the keyboard box in my room.

If I were to just jump right into giving him a brand new keyboard, it’d totally smell fishy.
So, instead…


I would tell him I was giving him an old keyboard of mine that I don’t use anymore.

I wasn’t sure it’d really work… but it’ll have to do.

It was time for dinner, so I headed to the living room to eat with my father.

It was curry again.

This time, my dad was the one to start the conversation.

“Those friends have really come to lend me a hand lately,” he said.

“Huh, I guess they’re a bit curious and all, I replied.

I can’t look him in the eye today either…

“But, you know, I was thinking it’d be nice to talk with them… with a keyboard or something.”



This is just perfect! But… don’t rush it self. Breath in… and out…

“I think I’ve got one I don’t use anymore that you could have…”

“Really?! I’d be able to talk today?!”

He seems so excited lol He’s really gotten into the game lol

We finished our food and, with my mom’s cold gaze on us, we headed straight to my dad’s room.



My dad was now in possession of a (850 yen) keyboard!

With this, he could finally chat with people.

“This should work just fine,” I said.

He’s probably used a keyboard for work before, so he should know how to type.

I stood there smiling, but my dad just looked at the keyboard with concern.

“What is it?”

“Can I type in kana?”


Oh no… I didn’t even think about that!

I tried a bunch of the keys, but none of them turned on kana input…
There’s gotta be something to turn on kana input… right?

Ah shit… My dad’ll sadly have to use romaji input if I can’t find a way to turn on kana input…

My dad then spoke up.

“Can I used this for typing in my password?”

Controller… ah the software keyboard.

“Just being able to type in my password with this would be great.”

Wait what??

I forgot about it, but after my last update, I taught him how to use the software keyboard to type.
But it’s such a pain in the ass to use, I figured he’d never use it.

And yet…


I told him that if he wanted to chat, he could press the enter key (the triangle button) and the software keyboard would come up to type in his own sentences.

It looks like this would be the easiest.

It didn’t really matter how he would chat, just that he could talk.

“I can do that quest now…”

My dad said, and then typed “Hello” into the chat at an NPC to start up a quest.

I see… This is a good sign. He can practice like this.

Then, when the quest was all said and done…


There…! Giovinezza!!

Watching my Twitter timeline, I wondered if someone would show up. My friends are really something.

They then began talking with my dad in chat.

They asked him simple questions, like “How’s the questing going?” and such.

“It… is… go… ing…….. o… k…”

He said to himself as he typed on the software keyboard.

He looks happy lol


I was relieved, so I began checking work messages on my phone.



But suddenly… my dad asked an absurd question…







“Hey… what’s homuhomu?”






What? I don’t…? I…? Huh???

He just looked at me…

But where the heck did this Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica talk come from?!

Does he… know about Madoka?!

You were just talking about normal stuff a second ago!

Seriously, where the fuck did this come from?!

I’m… so confused.


I looked over at the chat log and saw not some talk about Madoka☆Magica, but that Rucochy had replied with an agreeing “…homuhomu” to something my dad had said.

I see… since he’s not used to chatting yet, he wouldn’t really understand the real meaning of this phrase!

This… isn’t going as planned!

Since I didn’t answer, my dad turned to the keyboard and asked in chat.

“What’s homuhomu?” he typed.

“It’s something you say when you agree with someone,” Rucochy replied.

“Why… ho… mu… ho… mu…?”


Dad no!
Don’t bully the sweet and kind Rucochy!!

I held him back and explained it all myself. He had a look like a mystery had been solved.

My dad truly is terrifying…


After all of that, my dad continued to chat a little.

He equipped the bow and accessories that the FC members had given him.

He should easily be able to continue on in the quests…

The Father of Light’s travels…


Soon lead him out of the forests of Gridania and off to the seas of Limsa Lominsa and the deserts of Ul’dah.

It’s been rough, but he’s finally made it this far…

The main Final Fantasy tune played from the speakers.

Finally, this day has come.

I was exhausted, so I stayed the night at my parents’.

Laying in my futon my mind wandered…

After advancing through the three city-states quests, my dad would soon find himself at Sashtasha…

I’m getting excited thinking about fighting alongside him in a party…


I’m glad my dad can chat now of course, but I think I’m even happier knowing my FC came and helped.


Even though I prepared a keyboard and everything…
He ended up only using it to hit enter

But just being able to chat is good enough lol

While all of this wandered through my mind, I fell to sleep.

To Be Continued.


  • The Ultraman creatures in question are from the original series. The episode is titled “The Underground Destruction Work”. You can see some pictures with this [google image search]
  • Miss Computer Wizard is from a short series related to Emil Chronicles Online, cataloged [here]
  • 850 yen is about 8.50 USD
  • “Kana” is the general name for Japanese characters, including both hiragana (ひらがな) and katakana (カタカナ). Kana input would map each key to one of the ~50 base characters (and a key to add ゛ or ゜) so the characters are typed in directly. Romaji input means to input by typing in the romaji combinations to create the characters (ex: typing “sa” will then become さ). Keyboards usually have a button to swap between the modes
  • Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica is an anime series about magical girls from 2011

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