TFoL – Chapter 11: The Father of Light Tackles Sashtasha


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“I’ve got to hurry…”

Connect the PS4 to the internet… Install FFXIV… Get him started… Teach him the basics…

Become his friend… Tell him about people with orange names… Emotes… Using a keyboard… Connecting with people…

I’ve thought about nothing else all this time.

I was incredibly impatient. But I needed to be careful with my actions…

Before the plan even took off, I could not wait until this moment.

I’ve got to hurry… I’ve got to hurry and help my dad clear Sashtasha…

If we don’t hurry… the plan will definitely fall apart!

It’s “the moment of truth”…!


The Father of Light Project.

That was what I called my plan to get my 60+ year old dad to play FFXIV and become his friend while hiding my identity.

We would adventure together until finally, when the moment was right, I would reveal my identity in a dramatic display of family love.

My dad continued to waddle along through adventuring.

I was able to successfully befriend the Father of Light on Maidy.

Not to mention the fact my father was able to use an emote to communicate. The plan so far has taken great steps forward.

Finally, the Father of Light was able to use a keyboard to chat in text with me.

It would seem that my dad has really learned to communicate his feelings to others within Eorzea…



For all new players to FFXIV this was the start. It’s also in the area of my personal starting town.

Up until now, advancing the story and moving through the three city-states was sort of an initiation.

You could say this is where the true adventuring begins. After heading to each of the city-states, you’d have to tackle Sashtasha.

Sashtasha is an instanced dungeon (ID for short) and you cannot go in alone. You have to form a party with other players to enter the dungeon.

In other words, this would be a player’s first time cooperating with others in-game.

FFXIV has many dungeons to advance through the story and work together to see the ending.


Dungeons require teamwork and cooperation.

If you can’t communicate or understand your fellow party members, you’re bound to be a pain in the ass.

So, before we set foot into Sashtasha, I decided to see how capable my dad was at chatting.

“The Father of Light is going back and forth from Steps of Thal to Steps of Nald!” Rucochy announced.


Here it is. The moment of truth. I’ve got to head over and see how well he can chat.

Move out…!

Russy managed to tail him and find him. Good work…

So I went and teleported over to Ul’dah.


I immediately partied up with Russy.

When I arrived, Russy was on the verge of loosing sight of him.

Russy… We’ve got to find and catch up to the Father of Light… We’ll tail him and then make it seem like chance…


… He’s right here?!

Where’d he come from?!

I said to keep a watchful eye out… and yet I didn’t even notice…!

Seriously though, where’d he even come from?! From some space time portal like an Ascian?! He… even… looks like an Ascian…

Suddenly the time came for Maidy to hear just what the Father of Light would say…!!

His voice rang out in the Steps of Thal…




Here? This is the Steps of Thal.




You’re already there!!

There’s nowhere to take you to! You’re already at the Steps of Thal!!


Wha?! He’s bound to be frustrated… He hasn’t gotten the hang of chatting yet…


(Character Name) calm down!

It’s okay to take it slow… So just… calm… I told him to keep calm…







Narrator: Two years later…



Th-That’s too calm…

Did… Did he fall asleep? Is he still trying to find the words to say in chat?

It’s been a good few minutes since I told him to calm down… Has he been waiting for me to say something… oh shoot…

Why did he want to go to the Steps of Thal in the first place…?

If he’s trying to go to Sashtasha… He should be headed towards Western La Noscea… You’d think he’d have no point in being here…

Finally… after a long silence, the Father of Light spoke once more.







What… are you even talking about?!

I mean, yeah I get the quest part. He probably doesn’t know how to find information about quests and stuff, okay…

The real question is… who’s this Guillaunaux? I don’t remember him from MSQ…

R-Russy… any ideas?

I asked Russy in our LS.


“He wants to find some Guilla guy? He’s not sure where to go based on what it says?” She replied.

I dunno either…


I decided to use the LS to ask everyone for help.


Maidy: Any ideas about what he means by “I got a quest, but I can’t find any information about a ‘Guillaunaux’ “?

Ikuro: Guillaunaux…

Clive: Is there some NPC named that?

Maidy: Some kind of info gathering quest?

Clive: Shouldn’t he be able to just follow the quest marker?


Ikuro: Found it.

Maidy: !!

Ikuro: “Help me, Lord of the Dance”



I see! A side quest!!

Dad… you wandered off the MSQ to do side quests? What’re you even doing…?

What kind of quest is this anyway…? One that gives gear?

Getting gear before Sashtasha would be important…

Hrm… this quest gives…



This is not the time to be dancing!!

This is seriously not the time to learn some new dance dad!!

Sashatsha!! Western La Noscea!!

It’s the moment of truth! We’ve got to hurry!!





You were having trouble chatting in text… you looked to learning a new dance…

You wanted to be able to express yourself more clearly… so you went to learn more emotes?

The Father of Light… felt expressing himself to friends was more important… than gear…

Expressing himself!!

He… remembered what I taught him…

Dad… ><


What we need now is ways to express yourself!

Something to help communicate!

Haha, online games sure are something, huh.

“Gotcha! I’ll show you where Guillaunaux is!”



………….. For…



“Maidy!!” Russy said.


After that, the three of us headed towards Western La Noscea.

We chatted a bit along the way…


Slowly, our chatting sped up.

We had a bit of a ways to go, but we made sure to answer every question he had.


Sashtasha… he’ll manage somehow…

We’ve gotta support him through his first dungeon!

Finally, after quite a bit of time…


The Father of Light arrived at the entrance to Sashtasha.

The moment is finally here!!

Though… we took quite a long while to get here…


No, no, it was no prob dad.

I just had to lead you all the way.

Cause I want you to enjoy this world even more…

That is what I want.


Before we parted… my dad knelt down dozens of times.

You may waddle along in chat… but your gratitude is so simple to understand.

Tomorrow… we’ll tackle Sashtasha together dad.

Before our “moment of truth”, the Father of Light’s chat log was a wall of him kneeling…

The Father of Light (Character Name) kneels before the entrance.

The Father of Light (Character Name) kneels before the entrance.

The Father of Light (Character Name) kneels before the entrance.

The Father of Light (Character Name) kneels before the entrance.


I wonder… will we be okay…

To Be Continued.


  • Once again, screenshots from the lodestone’s Eorzea Database were taken much more recently (May 2017)

One thought on “TFoL – Chapter 11: The Father of Light Tackles Sashtasha

  1. Thank you so much for doing this. I’ve never played any Final Fantasy game, but I occasionally play MMOs. I discovered the Dad of Light Netflix show and loved it. I was hoping to find a translation of the original blog after watching the show. Thanks for doing this and keep up the good work! I look forward to future entries!


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