Eorzea Café – Starlight Celebration 2016



Welcome to the first post of many about the special menus I’ve been able to taste at the Eorzea Café. In part this is kind of filler stuff between translating The Father of Light since these are more organic posts, but I also want to share my photos and stuff! Anyway, we start with the 2016 Starlight Celebration menu, which I went to the café twice during! Let’s start off with the menu itself.


  • Snowflake Cocktail [Non Alcoholic] – strawberry syrup, blue syrup, lemon syrup, grapfruit juice, silver dagrees
  • Starlight Festival Night [Alcoholic] – energy liquor, framboise liquor, soda, star anise
  • Milky Snowman [Non Alcoholic] – amaretto syrup, hot milk, whipped marshmallow, silver dagrees, cookie
  • Starlight Tree Drink [Non Alcoholic] – kiwi syrup, lemon juice, soda, colorful beads, star-shaped pineapple


  • Starlight Fried Dodo
  • Black Truffle Risotto
  • A Present from the Stars
  • Gridanian Specialty Vegetable Gratin Soup
  • Gingerbread Cookie Starlight Parfait

So, what did I try? Well, first off let me put this out there, I don’t drink. So any and all alcoholic drinks are something I’ll just never try. I’m also… admittedly a picky eater with the exception of deserts, so when it comes to the entrees I end up not trying too many but I’m always trying the deserts. Maybe I’m not the best person to really talk in depth about the food, but I suppose I mostly want to share my photos and experiences with these posts.

It probably also doesn’t help that the dishes never explain what they have in them, and treat us with extremely helpful descriptions such as “A traditional dish for Starlight. Designed in the image of being a present from the stars, this desert looks like a wrapped up present” (Yes, that really is the description for the A Present from the Stars desert)…

Anyway! Onto the photos!

These are the photos from my visit on 12/28. Our seat was by the side at one of the two-seater tables. Whenever you go during a special menu, you usually receive a “lunch mat” of the artwork for that event. While they call them lunch mats, they’re clearly more posters, and you can ask the staff for a rubber band so you can roll it up and put it in the basket under your seat before getting it all dirty. I’ve got quite a few of these so far and they really are pretty nice!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s from my visit on 1/2, which features some special stuff since they put up strings to leave wish cards on. I ended up leaving two haha. Captions have translations of the few I took pictures of. This time, since we were a group of four, we were sat by the wall with the fake stained glass windows. They gave us a postcard of the New Year’s artwork, signed by Yoshida (well, a version of the art with his signature printed on it. not hand-signed postcards) as well!

Now let’s talk food and drinks! I’m gonna skip over the standard menu items for now and come back to those on another post. So I’ll just be talking about the special menu items this time.


Milky Snowman
*Snowmen are reborn once more on snow-covered fields. Warm up with this hot amaretto milk and whipped cream drink♪

The Milky Snowman drink was just lovely. Of course being December, it was really cold outside, so coming in and drinking something so warm was just amazing. The drink itself was basically just hot milk, but the cookie and marshmallow snowman were super cute. I ordered this both times cause it was so nice.


Starlight Tree Drink
*A symbol of the Starlight Celebration, this is a drink made in the image of the beautiful Starlight Tree!

The Starlight Tree Drink was easily my favorite of the drinks. Bubbly, great tasting, and absolutely adorable to look at. Another one I ordered both visits. I can’t think of much to say about it besides it just being really good.


Snowflake Cocktail
*Snowflakes dance through the night air once more! If you stir it, it looks like dancing snow.

The Snowflake Cocktail was honestly not that great of a drink. It was extremely fruity, and I found it hard to really drink it with any of the food because the flavor just didn’t mesh with anything. Not awful, but the fruitiness was so overwhelming.


A Present from the Stars
*A traditional dish for Starlight. Designed in the image of being a present from the stars, this desert looks like a wrapped up present.

I ordered this specifically because the description and picture left me baffled as to what it could even be (seriously what the hell does that description even mean). After trying it, I still had no idea besides the fact it’s not ice cream. Whatever the present from the stars is though, it was okay. The plate was enormous for such a small desert though. We were seated at a small two-person table so it got kinda awkward.


Gingerbread Cookie Parfait
*Designed with the gingerbread cookie in mind, it’s a perfect Starlight Celebration desert!

A parfait! This was super cute and I really did like it. At the point I ordered it at, however, I was starting to get full and ended up not finishing it. It was good and I felt bad not having room to finish it.

That’s all I got from my backlog of photos from my trips during the menu. Until next time~♪



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