TFoL – Chapter 12: The Father of Light’s Sudden Transformation


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UC 0079…
The One Year War was upon us, and I found myself in Australia…

One of my first MMOs was “Universal GUNDAM ONLINE”, a Gundam series online game.

You get to live in the Gundam universe! I thought, and got myself a high-end PC (for the time).

Super excited, I logged in… and was greeted with no tutorial, no opening… nothing but an open world to wander.

I had absolutely no idea what I should do.

With the money I had, I bought a Magella attack tank.

I wandered around excitedly in my tank… but seconds later the Earth Federation Forces, which I was apart of, was under attack!

I was terrified… What should I do? Before I could even really process what was going on, my tank was shot and exploded…

Afterwards, I was thrown back into the wilderness.

This is an online game? I don’t get it at all!!
How do you even make it in a world like this?!

Days passed, and I continued wandering about lost and confused.

As my patience wore thin, I burst into open chat.

“What’s a newbie supposed to do?”


Kind, sweet voices replied. They gave me heaps of advice.

How to buy things, how to use money, how to fight… One person invited me to their unit (guild). I thought it would be good to follow them, so I joined.

To say I’m grateful to those people from my first online game would be a major understatement.

One-by-one, the members would come and greet me, the new recruit. Everyone introduced themselves and gave me a warm welcome.

Their friendliness towards little newbie me… it warmed my heart.

This world that bored me just yesterday… Now I was meeting people, making friends…

It became a world of excitement and fun. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

I thought to myself… If I became friends with even more people like them, this world would be full of excitement.

Since that time many years ago, not one thing had changed… most of all being that feeling of excitement that enveloped me.


The Father of Light Project.

That was what I called my plan to get my 60+ year old dad to play FFXIV and become his friend while hiding my identity.

We would adventure together until finally, when the moment was right, I would reveal my identity in a dramatic display of family love.

My father had grown considerably; having already finished all three city-state quest portions, and it was finally time for him to step foot into his first dungeon.

We’ve got to hurry or the plan will fall apart! It’s the moment of truth!

The Father of Light had rushed forth towards this moment…


The day after Russy and I showed him the way to the entrance for Sashtasha, we set out to tackle the dungeon.

I gathered some friends from my FC and LSs to join us.

Our tank today would be Ajihu, and our healer Aru-chan.

I’d have to say I was a bit nervous that the Father of Light would wander off or do something stupid… this would be his first dungeon after all…

Because of that, we needed an experienced healer to help us, and Aru-chan is the perfect fit.

With the four of us together… The moment has come, Father of Light…

It’s time to enter Sashtasha!!





Heeere we go! The Father of Light’s first dungeon!!

Upon entering the instance, The Father of Light turned to each of us.

He knelt before Ajihu and Aru-chan.

Even when he’s bound to be nervous beyond belief, he maintained his gentlemanly manners.

The Father of Light (Character Name) kneels before the black bat.

The Father of Light (Character Name) kneels before the black bat.

Alright dad! You’re… in perfect form today!


In FFXIV, there’s some standard rules to dungeons.

Before we started attacking anything, I made sure to explain.

To enter dungeons like Sashtasha, you need four players.

Furthermore, the party make up is set as follows:

One (1) Tank, who takes the hits from enemies
Two (2) DPS, who attack the enemies
and One (1) Healer, who heals the party


The tank should always lead the group.

While leading, the tank grabs the enemies and starts getting hit by them.

Tanks have a lot of HP and defense, so they can take a lot of hits from enemies.

While the tank is taking hits from these monsters, it’s the DPS’ job to kill them.

The tank and DPS attack the enemies, and the healer keeps everyone alive.


The Father of Light, along with myself, are DPS.

The most important thing to remember as a DPS is to never run ahead of the tank.

If you do, you’ll end up taking aggro from the enemies, and you’ll likely end up dead.

So, no matter what you do, let the tank lead!


Good answer!!

But I wonder if he really understood all of that… lol

I mean, he could get super hype and accidentally end up in front of the tank… lol

But he says he got it… lol



Just as he said he would, he’s staying behind the tank!

He’s even attacking the same target as me…!!

I only explained it once and he’s already got it down?!


I mean… sure, these aren’t hard concepts.

He was no different from another other sprout…

How to open chests, the looting system, fight mechanics, even though it’s his first time he’s grasping it all with ease!

In the heat of battle, sometimes he would end up attacking enemies randomly though.


Aru-chan, noticing this, spoke of her concern.

“Ajihu, could you use the target markers to make it easier since we have a sprout?”

“One sec.”

Ajihu made a quick marking macro so we had a short breather.

Hehe… hehehe

I’m proud.


You see, Ajihu and Aru-chan were both once super newbies too.

I had created an LS called “One-Click Kill Academy”, where I invited newbies to help them. They were once some of my students.


Ah, that time we had a lesson in Ul’dah…

So nostalgic. Has it really already been a year since then?

They’ve all… matured so much…

And now… here they are, helping the Father of Light, a newbie like they once were.

The joy of receive help as a newbie. The joy of teaching others.

The baton had been passed.

Not by force, but as a natural step in their growth.

These two made it this far because of my help.

I couldn’t help but smile.

Without thinking, I blurted something out to my dad.


“Father of Light (Character Name), what do you think of online games so far?”

Ah… shoot, he’s still not really used to chatting. It might be hard for him to answer lol

Moments later…


A few words appeared…

To the best of his ability, The Father of Light replied…


I see lol Well then, let’s get going to the second half!


Thanks to Ajihu’s target marking macro, our DPS was more focused and we advanced at a better pace.

The Father of Light would start from the 1 marker and move to the next one after killing the first.

Perfect. He’s listening to what we’re telling him and following our advice.

He’s a dry sponge just soaking up everything we give him.

The fact he can have it said only once and then understand it…

He’s improving in leaps and bounds!

Despite his improvement…


Archer’s advantage is its ability to attack from a distance.

But it would seem my dad is playing some sort of new “Point Blank Archer” class…


While he’d start out at a distance…


He’d end up right by my side by the time we killed the enemy. Weird!!


Also! Whenever we finished fighting, he’d do this weird little jump.

Was he impatient about getting to the next mob?

I guess hunting and kill stuff can get your blood pumping, so maybe he’s letting off the excess energy at the end of a fight by jumping?

Regardless, we continued through the dungeon.


The Father of Light made his way through Sashtasha.

He began to jump more and more; he’s really fired up!

We progressed without any issues…


Finally… we’re at the boss room.

His first… boss fight!!

Dad, this boss is called “Denn the Orcatoothed”.

Unlike the trash mobs, bosses have mechanics.

When you fight bosses, you should keep an eye on the rest of the field to handle these mechanics.

By sheer strength alone, DPS cannot defeat a boss. Instead they must execute mechanics… otherwise it will spell death.

Denn’s mechanic is…



He just wants to go… Such passion!

He’s already gone and shot the boss!

He’s gone berserk!!

He went in by himself with not a single attack buff… He just let his emotions fly!


With the Father of Light making the first attack, the curtain has risen on his first boss fight.

Since we’ve already pulled, I’ll have to just shout the info quickly!


The important things are these four grates!!

As the boss’ HP drains, bubbles form on a random grate!

DPS should go over to it and interact with the grate.

If you don’t make it in time, an add will pop out, and the fight can get crazy.

The standard way of handling this mechanic is to have the two DPS deal with it.


Alright, make sure to handle the grates!

Oh no, he’s still going berserk!!

Well… it is his first boss…

And it’s not like this boss is particularly hard, but… for him this was his first big fight. He attacked with fervor befitting the dramatic battle he’d see it as.

We frantically pushed the boss.


Tanks hold aggro and take the attacks!

DPS attack the enemies!

And the healer makes sure to heal!

Father of Light…

These are the basics of a party in FFXIV!

Got it? Got it??

If you’ve got it… then let’s finish this!

Limit break charged!


Here I go!


Limit break!!

Limit breaks are special attacks a party can do! You fill the gauge and then unleash a massive attack!

Denn the Orcatoothed slumped over before us…


The Father of Light… has come to his first checkpoint…





Thank you, Ajihu and Aru-chan.

You did great dad!!


You might not know their faces… but these people here…

Do you feel it dad?

If you continue your adventure, you’ll expand your world.


But it’s not just your world that will widen…

It’s also your friends. In Eorzea, you can make many more friends.

This is something I first felt a long time ago… This kind of happiness… This rush…

If you even felt a fraction of that feeling… I’d be happy.


The Father of Light said to Maidy upon exiting Sashtasha.

To express his gratitude, at the entrance to Sashtasha, he knelt down.


The Father of Light (Character Name) kneels before Maidy Maidy.

You did good dad.

But this is only the beginning. The first dungeon.

Let’s keep doing our best.



-The next day, Giovinezzia FC Master Room-


The Father of Light plan sure is proceeding well.

In the past days, we’ve advanced the plan at a breakneck pace.

As a result, we were able to surpass the moment of truth.


He should be making it to “Tamtara Deepcroft” soon.

The boss of that is a squid monster, and if you don’t get his mechanics he’ll be your demise!

Just like Sashtasha, we’ve got to all lend him our support!

I’d be willing to bet today’s the day for Tamtara!


“About that…
We got an invitation from your dad.

And we cleared Tamtara Deepcroft!”



“We got a random tell asking us to join him for Tamtara.”

“Tell… private chat… when did he learn to do that…?”


“Your dad… he stood up against that boss like a hero!”

“I… see… Thanks!”

“I can’t believe he’s already using tells!”

I shuddered…


No way…

No freaking way…


I… I…






I wasn’t invited?!

What?! What??


My dad’s already come this far…

This is what it feels like to watch a kid grow up isn’t it…


Ah, nah, that’s different…


Well, as long as he’s having fun it’s okay… right?!

To Be Continued.


  • The Gundam MMO mentioned was active from Sept. 2005 to Dec. 2007. Apparently there’s a private server that may still be running even today.

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