TFoL – Chapter 13: The Father of Light Encounters Something Important


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A “goodnight” message when logging out…

Just when did I start doing that…?

I must have been doing it for years now… Way way way before coming to Eorzea.

I remember… when I started helping newbies in Emil Chronicle Online.


I had grown a bit tired of ECO at the time…

The innocent wonder and excitement from being new to the game had long since faded away. I could beat pretty much anything I wanted.

So I started supporting newbies. It was around then when I met them…

Hina-chan and Seto-chan. Two newbies.


To me, everything was just the same ol’, same ol’. Stuff I’ve seen day in and day out.

But for these girls, this was their first time for everything. It was full of wonder.

Traveling with these two reminded me of all of the important little things I had forgotten.

I came to love these two… I really did.

I wanted to keep adventuring with them for days to come. I truly did.

Yes… it was around this time I started saying “good night” before logging off…


The Father of Light Project.

That was what I called my plan to get my 60+ year old dad to play FFXIV and become his friend while hiding my identity.

We would adventure together until finally, when the moment was right, I would reveal my identity in a dramatic display of family love.

My dad had cleared the first hurdle as a newbie; Sashtasha.

Despite things going a bit crazy during the final boss, we cleared with little problems and my dad has taken a major step forward.

Afterwards, he also made use of private messaging (tells) and gathered up a party for Tamtara. He cleared with no issues.

It’s plain to see he’s gotten a lot better.

Despite all these great things happening… there was one small disappointment…

I wasn’t able to give advice for Tamtara…


… I was downright miserable.

Why was I so miserable…?

Well, for example, a kid wants to play catch with their dad… They rush home to play, but…

He’s not there! And when they head to the park…

They find dad playing baseball with his friends!!

He wants to join in, but they already have nine people to a team…

All he can do is watch as his dad plays in the park…


Like, holy shit… for a kid that’d be classroom suicide!

He’d probably go complete wallflower… Thank god I’m an adult.

But… if I was in his party every day… that’d set off red flags!

So… when the Father of Light sends me a tell, I’ll tell him it’s good that he’s going at the pace he wants through the game…

That’s good… Yes that’s good.


But why didn’t he invite me… Was he scared?

I mean, I’m a monk… maybe I look like some crazed maniac punching things like the wind…

Is that what he saw? Did I look scary? I woulda thought he’d like the blonde hair…

Bring ring~♪




There it is! There it is!! An invitation!!!

Maybe he just picks at random lmao

“Ikuro! Liri! Let’s give him a proper escort!!”

I called for an ace healer and tank from my FC. Let’s lead him through Copperbell Mines!


Copperbell Mines

This is the dungeon following Sashtasha and Tamtara.

For his third dungeon, I decided to just give him some short and simple tips to follow in the instance.

I wonder if he’ll be able to handle the various mechanics this time…


As usual, The Father of Light knelt at the beginning of the dungeon.

This must be his way of saying “Nice to meet you.”


Copperbell went surprisingly smooth.

Besides my dad, everyone was at level 50, though because this is a leveling dungeon we were synced down to match dad’s level.

In other words, if we screwed up, we could still end up wiping.

Despite this, we proceeded smoothly and the Father of Light had no real issues.


Liri agreed that we made it through with no problems to speak of.

The Father of Light quickly understood and executed the mechanics in the dungeon.

Sashtasha was similar too… like he already knew what was going to happen…

A few days later, I returned home and found his secret…


I found he had been preparing for everything…

Preparation… One part of FFXIV culture…

Before tackling a new piece of content, one would look up information online and read up on the mechanics before going in.
That way, you wouldn’t end up just being carried by your party.

Of course, among friends making mistakes, wiping, and learning together is fun too, but the Father of Light is still pretty low level.


When I helped him install FFXIV, I handed him a book saying “Here, a manual.”

“The Official FFXIV Starting Guide”

I figured he wouldn’t read something so thick and heavy, but I found it in his room; battered, marked up, and written in.

For us, if we wanted to prepare, we went online… but my dad doesn’t use the internet that much…

My dad… would have to do some old-school research…

Flipping through the pages of his now beaten up guide, I started to tear up a bit…

I’m not really sure why…


As a result of his studying, the Father of Light…


Cleared Copperbell with ease.

However, he still had more to go.


The Lord of the Inferno, Ifrit!!

The Father of Light’s very first primal fight…

Honestly, the first Ifrit fight isn’t very hard… but the atmosphere is daunting…

If one cannot overcome their fear, they’re sure to wipe…

Joining us in our crusade against Ifrit was…


Giovinezza member and tank, Kirin Muromachi.

She loves anime, manga, and reading articles online.

What’s with all that? Well… she’s like, you know… someone who brings trouble wherever they go.

Since we’ve pulled her into this I said…


“I’m counting on you, Kirin-chan!”

“No problemo, Maidy~” She replied.


“Ohyeah, this is my first patty with the Father of Light (character name) isn’t it♪” Kirin added cheerfully.

Patty… Kirin-chan hamburgers have nothing to do with this lol

Oh… Party… Kirin-chan!


The Father of Light…




…with a blank stare.

Well, let’s get started.

“Alright, Father of Light (character name), we’re both attackers, so stick with me to be safe and attack the same stuff,” I explained.

That should be good enough.

Here we go… his first primal battle!

“Kirin, set!”

Kirin’s has always waited until she was given the A-OK to pull the boss.
So, unless I (Maidy) give her the command, she’d wait.



“Woof woof~♪”


Dad avoided the explosions.

Thanks to his preparation… He can do this…

He can bring Ifrit down…

Kirin-chan’s got a solid hand on the aggro too.


At the halfway mark, out comes the infernal nail!

If you don’t kill the nail, Ifrit will annihilate your party with Hell Fire.

At this point, you’re supposed to stop attacking Ifrit and focus down the nail… but!

The Father of Light continued to attack Ifrit. His fear controlled him.

I can probably destroy the nail myself… but I wanted him to understand.

So I ignored the nail, and let Ifrit cast Hell Fire. We then were burned to ash by Hell Fire.


After explaining why we wiped, we stressed how he has to attack the nail.

Second time through, he nailed it! He was no longer afraid of Ifrit.

We continued to whittle down his HP and…





The Father of Light defeated the Lord of Inferno, Ifrit!!


“Great job Kirin-chan!” I said.

“Meow meow~♪” Kirin replied.

Weren’t you a dog before…?

Dad did perfectly as well. He’s worked so hard.

Afterwards, Kirin-chan wanted to give the hard-working Father of Light a handmade accessory.

So… after all this time… I invited him to come to our FC house.

Since he’s never been before, I’ll have to show him where it is…


Well… how should I put this…

“Wanna hop on?”


This is… a little embarrassing…

We’re… riding the drought chocobo I was able to get thanks to my dad…

I’m so extremely grateful.

And, we arrived at the house.


“I’m nervous…” The Father of Light said.

“Meow too~!” Kirin replied.

Kirin, please.


The couch we were sitting on was crafted by FC members.

Everyone worked hard to help save up to buy a housing plot.

This is our house. Our home.


The Father of Light sung praises of Eorzea.


Kirin hopped in his lap.

Other members came by and we passed the time chatting and relaxing.

This is what it’s like in Giovinezza.

The time flew by and soon enough the clock struck midnight. Many headed off to bed, and our Cinderella’s time came as well.

The time my dad would log out.

“Good night” time…

Everyone came to wish him a good night…


Finally, the moment came… and the Father of Light said this…






“Of course! Good night! See you tomorrow!


A parting “good night”…


Just when exactly did I start doing that…



Friendships made online… are fragile things.

No matter how close friends you are… if they never log back in, you’ll never meet again…


No matter how depressing that might be, it’s something we can’t control.

That’s why… I’d make a promise when they logged out…


“See you tomorrow.”

I want to see him tomorrow. I want to see him again and again. I want him to learn to trust and care about the people he meets in this world.

I want both of us to keep logging in, to keep enjoying this game together.

Because there’s no denying there’s people here I want to see.


Dad… Eorzea is full of so many important people in my life…

We might fight sometimes, but they’re precious friends…

Unknowingly, my dad had met and adventured with some of my closest friends.

So… seeing him say “Let’s play together again”… I just…


The path my life has taken… it was the right one wasn’t it…?


It was this day that my dad came in contact with something very important to me.

This world that I love so much… my dad has fallen for it as well.


That makes me happier than I could ever imagine.




Thinking back… on the moment of truth…

September 11th…


“The Father of Light logged in!”

“Alright everyone! Let’s help him however we can!”

To be honest, I had been struggling with something up until then…


You see, when I went over to install FFXIV on my dad’s PS4…

He mentioned this in passing…


“That Destiny game looks interesting…”


“Become Legend! And all that!”



I’ve just got to show him how fun FFXIV is… before Destiny comes out…!!


Destiny… where you “Become Legend”… I’ve got to show him he can become even more legend than legend in FFXIV…!

At least, that was what crossed my mind… though I didn’t put too much effort into it…

But now that’s all water under the bridge!

The moment of truth; when we cleared Sashtasha, was after the day Destiny came out.

After this whole plan is over, then you can feel free to kick back and play some Destiny lol


Isn’t the world of Eorzea far more charming? Where you can have fun with all these friends you’ve made?

After all, the friends you have in Eorzea are only here, in Eorzea!!

Plus, you can “become legend” right here, in this game!

Alright, let’s keep on going!


Next mission! The Lord of Crags, Titan!


We’ve still got a ways to go on our strange father-son journey…

To Be Continued.


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