TFoL – Chapter 14: The Father of Light’s Dash Through Eorzea


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I love games.

These days, I play almost exclusively online games, but I’ve tried tons of other games as well.

I’ve traveled in a robot, raced my heart out, thrown fists flying into battle, sent the world to hell, as well as saved it from the brink of destruction.

Each and every world had its own flavor, and I became enthralled with each one.

“This game… is really fun.”

One day, a friend lent me this white cartridge.

Final Fantasy.

I liked Dragon Quest, so my friend recommended Final Fantasy to me.

Back then, the web wasn’t much of a thing and I didn’t read magazines, so all my game choices were based on word of mouth.

I had no idea what sort of adventure I was in for, but I popped the cart into my Famicom when I got home.

The world unfolded on the old CRT TV I had back then…

Though many, many years have passed since that moment, I’m still exploring the ever expansive world of Final Fantasy.


The Father of Light Project.

That was what I called my plan to get my 60+ year old dad to play FFXIV and become his friend while hiding my identity.

We would adventure together until finally, when the moment was right, I would reveal my identity in a dramatic display of family love.

He’s cleared Sastasha, as well as gathered a party by himself to clear Tamtara.

Afterwards, he defeated the primal Ifrit.

The Father of Light then visited the FC house of his son’s FC, Giovinezza, and came to connect more with others in this world.

The Father of Light grew in leaps and bounds, and advanced through the story…


The other day, the Father of Light called Maidy and Russy.

Having hit level 20 and defeated Ifrit, he was ready to hit up the next dungeon, The Thousand Maws of Toto-rak.

Toto-rak is a dungeon set in an old prison. You have to collect magitek photocells scattered around the map to advance through the area.

But… Father of Light… we’re all DPS…

I’m not sure he quite grasps the whole party comp thing yet…

We can find a healer easily enough… but a tank is a lot harder to hunt down…

He’s so hyped about going though… I can’t just turn him away…


W-Well… I guess I’m tanking then…

Despite playing for as long as I have, I haven’t really touched anything but monk in dungeons.

“Maidy, tanking?! Oh I’ve gotta record this!!”



Okay… I gotta… shield lob…

Shield… lob…

Come on… what the heck?

It’s not…?


Oh shit… I forgot to equip a shield…


Hold up hold up hold up!!

The Father of Light and Russy defeated the trash with their bows.


Good job. Let’s move.


Forgetting a shield was totally my bad. This dungeon wasn’t just about the Father of Light, but also about me doing my best as a tank.

Heh, tanking is kinda fun.


The Father of Light continued to jump whenever we finished off a mob.

I couldn’t help but imagine him mashing buttons with all his might.


Regardless, we guided him through the boss fight and cleared with flying colors.


Toto-rak clear.

The Father of Light continued working his way through FFXIV slowly.

He’s been doing less weird things too.

How fast he’s grown…

The next few days I was crazy busy with work and could only log in during the middle of the night.


In my absence, FC member Rucochy watched over the Father of Light.

Under her guidance, the Father of Light joined Maelstrom for his grand company.


Rucochy is very sweet.

She would often invite the slow-on-the-uptake Kirin-chan for dungeons.

These two have been together since Gundam Online Wars. They’re almost like a princess and her retainer. It’s absolutely adorable heh.

Following Rucochy’s advice, the Father of Light continued onward.


He gathered up the necessary GC seals and got his own company chocobo.

On the back of his new chocobo, we headed over to Zephyr Gate in La Noscea.


Getting your own chocobo… a Final Fantasy staple. A moment full of excitement.

Though my dad’s never played other FFs, I hope this moment brought him joy.


You don’t have to worry about that, Father of Light haha

Though I guess till now he’s had to use the porter chocobos which have a time limit.

But from now on, you can ride this chocobo as much as you want.

Even I couldn’t help but feel excited watching him enjoy adventuring every day.


The Father of Light… traveling Eorzea on chocobo-back…

It stirred something in me…

Like a triumphant fanfare…

I wondered if I should bother my elated dad with this question…

But I had to ask him…




“Father of Light (character name), why did you decide to try FFXIV?”



He took a moment’s pause…

and answered…



Was… meeting people just happenstance…?

So that… means… even just running into me in FF was just…




Was just…


w a s. . . j u s t. . . . .


What the fuck?!

“Maidy!!” Russy shouted.



Right, right?! I totally knew it!!

“Maidy…” Russy sighed.

Well, so long as your having fun that’s all that matters, right?





That’s right…





Back then… You…

You were having fun right?





















What are you feeling now…?



You’ve finally come face-to-face…




With Titan, Lord of Crags!!

A fight that sends many a warrior of light tumbling into the abyss… and now it was time for the Father of Light to challenge it!





The Father of Light, handicapped with his ADSL connection…!

Can he overcome Titan’s never-ending stream of landslides?!


Next time, on The Father of Light!

“The Father of Light is a Warrior of Light”

Coming soon!!

To Be Continued.


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