Eorzea Café – Valentione’s Day 2017


What a better way to spend valentine’s than by yourself alone at a café?

Seriously though, my fiancé is in the states, so I ended up deciding to go alone for the Valentione’s Day menu. I wanted to try a few of the menu items, so I set out to go one Tuesday.


  • Love Emissary’s Special Hot Milk [Non Alcoholic]
  • Edda ~White & Red~ [Non Alcoholic]
  • Valentione Night [Alcoholic]


  • Heart-Wringing Pasta
  • Pink Pop Jelly
  • EoCafé Girls-Only Party Fondue

Absolutely none of the menu items, not even the drinks, have ingredient descriptions this time around. Only the flavor descriptions, such as “When one thinks of love and FFXIV, of course this character comes to mind! A drink made in that girl’s image. If you mix the drink the color…!!!” (Edda ~White & Red~) and “How about a bitter cocktail to have along with your lover on Valentione’s Day night?” (Valentione Night). That said, the Girls-Only Party Fondue having a little note saying “Boys may order this as well” is minorly amusing.

Various photos! They moved the MCH and AST weapons from the Osaka café to the main Akihabara café around this time, so I got some nice pictures of them. Also, those framed city-state art things are what you’d get for finishing three stamp cards, though I think they retired that reward. Also, I bought a new friend, baby chocobo~ 😀 You can see him against my FFXIV itabag in the picture… maybe one day I’ll share a full pic of that here.


Edda ~White & Red~
*When one thinks of love and FFXIV, of course this character comes to mind! A drink made in that girl’s image. If you mix the drink the color…!!!

To be honest, this was one of the driving factors for me coming during the Valentione menu. This drink gave me a chuckle and I wanted to try it. It was good and honestly the drink looks really cool before you mix it. Like blood dripping down into the white portion of the drink. The drink itself was nice as well so good all around.

Extra photos, and photo of it mixed



Pink Pop Jelly
*A jelly cocktail for adults after finishing their tonic. Enjoy this colorful desert on Valentione’s Day after a drink.

And this is the other menu-specific item I tried. I did want to try the fondue dish but it’s super big and I couldn’t eat it alone honestly so I just got this. Personally I don’t like whipped cream that much and I felt like I had to dig through it to get to the jelly and raspberries so overall the desert was okay. Visually really cute, but taste-wise nothing amazing. Maybe if I drank it would have been better? Haha.

And that’s all for this time! See you next post~♪



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