TFoL – Chapter 15.5: The Father of Light has an Accident in Coerthas


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The Father of Light Project.

That was what I called my plan to get my 60+ year old dad to play FFXIV and become his friend while hiding my identity.

We would adventure together until finally, when the moment was right, I would reveal my identity in a dramatic display of family love.

Through many trials and tribulations, the Father of Light cleared Titan.
Despite being carried by Maidy and friends for his first clear, he managed to stay on solid ground during a second attempt.

The Father of Light was a shining Warrior of Light blazing his way to level cap.


He downed the Lord of Crags, Titan, without loosing his footing.

Next was Garuda…
After that awaited the 8-man dungeons to finish the story…

I’ll need to get to hunting up people to help the Father of Light finish his story…

Of course I was not the only person involved in this Father of Light plan.

The members of my FC, Giovenezza, assisted and befriended the Father of Light as well. They too have shared many moments with him.

This is one such story.

“Rusia, reporting! I have important news!” Russy announced.


“Russy, come in. What news do you have?”

“I delivered a new level 37 bow to the Father of Light!” Russy reported.

“I see, thank you!” I replied.



Among all my FC members, Russy was the most eager to help anyone and everyone.

Despite her short stature, she took every little job seriously and put her all into it. Her whisker-like tattoos are her charm point.


She even leveled up her carpenter just to help out with the Father of Light plan.

On various occasions, Russy would check up on the Father of Light’s progress and present him with a brand-new, handmade bow.


“Any changes to report?” I asked.

“Well… um…” She hesitated.


“What is it? Did he do something really stupid?”

“Well… no…”


“Come on, what is it?”



I looked at the LS member list and saw he was level 37… 

I thought to myself I should give him another new bow. 


I checked where he was and saw he was in Coerthas.

I sent him a message. “I’ve got something for you! I’ll be right there with it!”





The Father of Light was silent.


I figured I’d wait a few minutes since he didn’t respond… and then…


“Naked? Oh no… just being in short sleeves in Coerthas had him embarrassed…” I said.

“I was so worried I rushed to where he was!”











Was butt naked in front of Haurchefant.




“I thought for sure something had happened… but he seemed alright…” Russy said.





A 60-something Warrior of Light… His body toned from countless battles…

A fruit ripe for the picking…




Yes… Oh yes…!

Oh adventurer, Coerthan nights are dreadfully cold. Please, stay with me tonight.


“Oh Russy…”


Something happened alright, if you know what I mean!”




After all this time, the Father of Light had returned of Coerthas.


The man that was embarrassed by his short sleeves was no more.

In his place stood a Warrior of Light who fell the Lord of the Inferno, Ifrit, and the Lord of Crags, Titan.


Stone Vigil loomed ahead… the toughest story dungeon before the last burst.


Follow that awaited the Lady of the Vortex…



A weary heart is thrown into the heat of battle once more…

Can Maidy and Giovenezza save the Father of Light?!


Next time! On the Father of Light!

“The Father of Light Returns to Coerthas”

Coming soon to a blog near you!

To Be Continued.


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