TPoL – Chapter 8: That’s Something Never Seen Before.


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My dad had been in business for a long time.

So, picking apart what someone’s words really mean is a strong point of his.

When we’re watching a movie, he’d always be able to pick up on details calling back to earlier scenes and the like.

My father flipped through the proposal after dinner with a smile on his face.

He took in each word and phrase on every page in carefully.

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Eorzea Café – ShadowBringers


It’s almost time for ShadowBringers, so of course we get a limited time menu at the Eorzea Cafe! This was actually the first time I’ve gone without a reservation, as I stopped by on a whim after picking up some things in Ikebukuro following the E3 launch trailer. This menu is pretty great and I look forward to hopefully the Gunbreaker and Dancer drinks being added to the main menu following the expansion!

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TPoL – Chapter 7: That’s the Start of a Fight we Have to Fight.


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All day, a single song was stuck in my head.

“Toki ni wa Mukashi no Hanashi o feat.COLDFEET”…

I headed to the meeting, my headphones on and my nervous thoughts spinning.

Before any sort of do-or-die moment, I would think through all the possibilities.
How would I conduct myself were the worst to happen.


The worst case scenario… would be the dramatization plans being shot down.

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