TFoL – Chapter 20: The Father of Light Saves Eorzea from Certain Danger

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Knock knock.

I heard a knock on my door.

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Comiket 95 – Babby’s First Comiket!

H A I  D O M O

While this isn’t strictly-speaking FFXIV, I went to Comiket 95 for the purpose of picking up some FFXIV-related doujin goods! So here’s a little fun post about my first ever comiket. I know this isn’t my usual translation content, but I’d like to bring up events I go to as well and post about them again, so this is me trying to resurrect this. Translations are still on schedule BTW! Continue reading “Comiket 95 – Babby’s First Comiket!”

TFoL – Chapter 16 : The Father of Light Returns of Coerthas

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I think that everything up until level 50 in FFXIV is a sort of tutorial.

How to walk, how to fight, how to ride a chocobo, how to form parties… All the quests you go through before reaching level 50 teach you these adventurer essentials.

The content you can do at 50 requires you to have all these fundamentals down.

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Something’s… missing.

I could have sworn there was something I should have been doing…

…But what was it?


. . . . . . . .



I never finished translating The Father of Light!!

All jokes aside, I’m back and ready to roll (I think). I’ve gone and actually prepared the next handful of chapters! From here on out, I intend to release one chapter a week. These should go up around Wednesday evening (JST) if all goes to plan, and should continue until I actually finish it. The first chapter following this schedule will go live in about 5 minutes. I really do apologize for never finishing this, but I think I can do it this time and I hope you all enjoy.


Let’s do this!

PS: I figured out how to do font sizes (as you can see here), and will be using them properly in the posts from now on. Eventually I will go back and edit the old posts as well when I have free time, but first the translation!

Edit: It would appear this post’s queue time got mixed up and it posted way earlier than I intended to. Whoops! Anyway, I forced the next chapter’s post, but the rest are properly scheduled for around 11:30pm Wednesdays (JST).