TFoL – Chapter 15.5: The Father of Light has an Accident in Coerthas


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The Father of Light Project.

That was what I called my plan to get my 60+ year old dad to play FFXIV and become his friend while hiding my identity.

We would adventure together until finally, when the moment was right, I would reveal my identity in a dramatic display of family love. Continue reading “TFoL – Chapter 15.5: The Father of Light has an Accident in Coerthas”


Eorzea Café – Starlight Celebration 2016

Special menu from 12/19/2016 to 1/19/2017

Welcome to the first post of many about the special menus I’ve been able to taste at the Eorzea Café. In part this is kind of filler stuff between translating The Father of Light since these are more organic posts, but I also want to share my photos and stuff! Anyway, we start with the 2016 Starlight Celebration menu, which I went to the café twice during! Let’s start off with the menu itself. Continue reading “Eorzea Café – Starlight Celebration 2016”