TFoL – Chapter 1: The Father of Light

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I’m super tired from work, so here’s a quick post!

This might be random, but my dad is over 60 years old.
Despite this, he’s a huge gamer.

Sometimes, I’d come home and find him playing FPS games and stuff. It’s always pretty surprising.

The other day I spotted him playing Monster Hunter and was like “wow…”

My mom was going to buy my dad a PS4 for his birthday.

Also, I heard about something interesting.


FFXIV is having an Invite a Friend Campaign.

If you invite a friend to play and they then subscribe for 3 months, you can get a chocobo that two people can ride.

I… want it…

But… the catch is that the account must pay at least 3 month’s subscription fee.



I got the idea to give my dad, who’s getting a PS4, a copy of FFXIV and time cards for 3 months.

During Obon break, I would go visit my parents and be all “I’ll help you make a character!” and get my dad on Gungnir server. Then I’d give him a simple adventurer’s crash course to get him started. I’ll then have him add my character as a friend, and I think I’ll give him a hand in some instanced dungeons.

But of course I’ll hide the fact that that character is me, his son.

That fresh-faced 60-year-old Warrior of Light…

I would help his character grow and level, even take down T5’s Twintania…

And then I would, as planned, reveal my identity as his son.

I’m kinda excited lol



I wonder if my dad can beat Titan (Hard)….


This really is exciting lol…

To Be Continued.


2 thoughts on “TFoL – Chapter 1: The Father of Light

  1. “The other day, while in the middle of playing Monster Hunter, I had an amazing idea.”

    Just thought I’d correct that the original Japanese was saying Maidy was impressed to find out his dad was playing Monster Hunter too.


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